Mahathir and Muhyiddin: Before this, it’s "Look East Policy"; now, it’s "Look Stupid Policy"

When people change their political platform, it seems that some people will change their policy stance as well.

The policy that was once considered good is now considered not good in order to adjust to the new political platform.

Perhaps for individuals such as Tun Mahathir, such stance does not matter because the goal of achieving personal preference is more important than the value and dignity. Mahathir’s Machiavelli politics legalizes it all.

After all, Mahathir was not even loyal to UMNO, the party that provided Mahathir with power and wealth, what more his other stances.

Even while Mahathir was still in UMNO, he had left the party twice. Then, without any hint of shyness, he went to Dato Seri Najib a few days after Najib replaced Abdullah Badawi as the president of UMNO.

His presence was not invited, nor was he driven out.

A few days ago, Muhyiddin made a statement regarding the country's trade with China.

Muhyiddin prejudice-like statement about the trade with China was merely an attempt to aggravate Dato Seri Najib.

The public already knew that Muhyiddin had several times become Head of Delegation to China for a "trade visit" when he was the Deputy Prime Minister.

Even pieces of his statements and speeches concerning trade with China was also attached to every rebuttal and it countered Muhyiddin's speech itself.

This proves that a person changes his or her stance so quickly when his or her political platform changed. This is the real person with "lidah bercabang”.

What is evident from Muhyiddin’s statement is his hypocrisy and duplicity which is similar to Mahathir. But Mahathir is even more severe than him.

This is to the point of arguing with the mufti defending his statement that BR1M is ‘haram’ and 1MDB Hajj is ‘tidak mabrur’.

Due to being too passionate in pursuing his personal aspirations, Mahathir forget what he himself did and implemented when he was the Prime Minister.

Among the earlier policy of his government was the “Look East Policy”.

Tun Mahathir at the same time declared a cold war with the British government with his "Buy British Last" policy.

KLCC was even made by Mahathir with the "Look East Policy", one of the tower was made by Korea and the other made by Japan. KLCC did not even fall in the hands of Japan and Korea at the time.

When Muhyiddin criticized that the trade with China is as if Malaysia had sold its dignity and was handed to China, it’s all too clear that Muhyiddin was "parroting" whatever Tun Mahathir said.

The attitude of "everything is wrong" must be taken in line with the stance of "semua salah Najib". There used to be a ‘geng reformasi kiri’ that camaigned for "Asal Bukan Umno" or ABU. Now Mahathir is using the same strategy, "semua salah Najib".

Trading with China is actually an "extension" to Tun Mahathir’s "Look East Policy" when the country decided not to rely on the western countries.

If in Tun Mahathir’s era, “east” meant Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, now China is added to the cluster of the “eastern” countries that was meant.

So, no reform or mortgages happened as indicated by Muhyiddin and Mahathir. It is just that the "Look Stupid" policy made them reject whatever policies because they want to blame Dato Seri Najib.

Now, it is too clear that the actions taken by Dato Seri Najib could be seen as a "diplomatic policy" as the "Pivot to Asia" planned by the US government puts Malaysia in the middle position and is balanced.

The two superpowers, the US and China had to fight to win Malaysia over because both did not want one party to overpower the other.

Furthermore, China's economy is forecasted to overtake US in a decade.

All in all, it is amazing how a person can be such a hypocrite just because of chasing his or her own political aspirations.

We have fully understood Mahathir’s characters, even the smallest of fault will be Najib’s fault, but we are puzzled by Muhyddin’s negative attitudes and distrust in relation to the trade with China.

He is aware of the success of trade, plus he has seen the reports and trade statistics between the two countries.

What is the motive of Muhyiddin giving a negative outlook if not his desperateness in politics.

Obviously, stance changed as the position changed, if prior to this, both hold and support the "Look East Policy", but now due to desperation and their unstable political life, both of them resorted to implementing the "Look Stupid Policy".

Whatever policy that will bring Najib down will be a good policy to them. Mahathir and Muhyiddin are resorting to "attacking below the belt", an attack that is immature for the sake of power and their cronies.

Written by:
Beruang Biru
BB228, Friday
January 13, 2017

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