Guan Eng is the cancer in DAP, not the 4 representatives who left the party

When the acting chairman of DAP, Tan Kok Wai considered the four MPs of the party who left the party as `cancer', then it is something that is not fair.

Tan Kok Wai forgot that instead of the four representatives, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is the one whom should be regarded as cancer.

There is no denying the party's internal crisis started from Lim Guan Eng bungalow corruption issue and his style in administrating Penang.

If we focus on several DAP internal cases which saw members getting suspended by the disciplinary committee, the action was taken because they were too loud in voicing out their statements that were said to have damaged the reputation of the party. The fact is it was because they were making remarks towards Guan Eng.

That is one of the reason for the suspension of two members of DAP, MP of Kota Melaka, Sim Tong Him and Assemblyman of Duyong, Goh Leong San for a year last year.

They are two of four of DAP MPs of Malacca who surprised many by announcing their resignation from the party. Two more MPs who followed Sim’s footsteps are Bachang assemblyman, Lim Jak Wong and assemblyman of Kesidang, Chin Seong Ghoong.

However, a similar action was not taken against Guan Eng although he was charged in court on two charges of corruption and his case will be tried beginning of March.

And to shift the blame on others, Guan Eng claimed that the action by the four MPs were due to their defeat in the Melaka DAP election in 2015. If you look at the reasoning, it surely is illogical.

Why relate to events that happened several years ago. If they were not satisfied because of their defeat, it was better for them to quit the party during that time, why wait until now, when the suspension period is almost over.

Clearly their decision to quit the party signals the start of DAP internal crisis and the crisis will worsen if the real ‘cancer’ is not eliminated.

It also shows that DAP members are aware of the changing of the party's struggle.

Regardless, one interesting point is that Tong Him called Guan Eng as a hypocrite. If he can call Guan Eng as a hypocrite, it would be a shame if the Malays are still viewing Guan Eng as their ‘warrior’.

Think about it....

Written by:
Beruang Biru
BB281, Tuesday
February 14, 2017

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