Racism and Racial Issue No Longer For DAP

The issue of contempt Chairman Pakatan Harapan (PH), Mahathir's Bugis people still talked about because of its refusal to apologize to Mahathir Bugis for calling them as pirates.

Sultan was angry, Azmin Ali is still shut. Syed Saddiq who sent the letter had run to Paris. Mahathir was still silent and create a "do not know".

Not only in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, anger has not gone out to the extent that the vice president of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla urged Mahathir to withdraw his words.

But he still insisted. Do not want to apologize and make excuses bush.

While the parties in PH Furthermore, each silent, might want to keep the heart Mahathir. No comment yet from them on the issue with each keeping silent.

Most significant is the DAP which is a known party, claiming to fight on the issue of racism in this country. It is significant in this issue of Bugis, DAP did not make it as an issue, but if anyone called the Chinese immigrants, and asked to return to China may DAP leaders will wake denied.

It is true Deputy Director, Strategic Communications Barisan Nasional (BN) Datuk Eric Soo. If sinners are their own and DAP leaders have called `piracy 'by Mahathir and asked them to return to China, it is definitely DAP will curl up.

"Maybe because he (Najib) comes from Bugis pirates. I do not know how he was lost and ended up here in Malaysia, but he should be back to Bugis."

"This sentence is an insult and whether Pakatan leaders hope will be silent if we change the name and ethnic groups in Dr Mahathir's speech as the following example:

"Maybe because he (Kit Siang or Eric) came from Chinese pirates. I do not know how he was lost and ended up here in Malaysia, but he should go back to China, '' so the question of Eric in a statement.

It is obvious that the struggle is a struggle DAP elected to certain groups only. That's why DAP is said to be cauvanis. Paragraph chauvinists used by Mahathir to a DAP past.

But now he has changed. He no longer labeled as racists and cauvanis. DAP is no longer the devil for Mahathir.

Mahathir is now endorsing whatever made DAP. Similarly Kit Siang, also swallow any mistake Mahathir.

DAP and Mahathir mutual "use" of each other. DAP wants to attract Malay votes while Mahathir was helping his party, Parti Bersatu Malaysia Native (JYSEP) sinking after the Registrar of Societies (ROS) found JYSEP youth wing called the United Youth Force (FLEET) does not exist in the party constitution.

This situation may lead to a society is canceled and is feared by Mahathir. What will happen to JYSEP if canceled?

It is possible that Mahathir would not allow her on the ticket counter rocket. DAP is willing to sacrifice whatever they stand for the first placate Mahathir.

Donate $ 1 billion to close the mouth DAP continues to champion the issue of racism. DAP is no longer feasible to talk about racial equality and equality in the future.

On the issue of insulting the Bugis Mahathir, DAP proved to be quite hypocritical at all.

Blue bear
BB655, Friday
10 November 2017

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